Big Media Scraper Starter Guide

Getting started with Big Media Scraper

There are two ways to use Big Media Scraper: by manually uploading ZIP files or by using a plugin (like WP Postly) or API.

Using Big Media Scraper with plugin or API

If you’d like to use Big Media Scraper with a plugin or API, just go to Account Settings in top right corner and copy the API key.

Using Big Media Scraper by uploading ZIP

The ZIP has to be smaller than 1MB and the articles must be in TXT format (ending with .txt). Make sure the files are in root and there is no folder in the ZIP.

Keywords will be used to source media from Flickr and YouTube.

Then select sources, where you’d like the media to appear in the article and which rich-text options you’d like to use.

Click Upload and after a few seconds, your files will be ready to be downloaded from the sidebar. 

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