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Where To Get Free Images And Photographs?

Images are a very important part of any product, article or website. Here are a few free resources for high-quality images: sxc.huWikimedia CommonsPublic Domain CCPublic Domain PicturesUSDA Gallery.

You can also use a payable resource, where professional photographs and designers offer their works. One of the best is iStockphoto.

Google Advanced Search Operators

Google has a series of search modifiers that allow you to perform very specific searches, these include [inanchor], [intext], [intitle], and [inurl]. In addition you can also add the word [all] in front of each term to include all of the words in the phrase. These modifiers can also be combined with the [”] , [-], and logical operators and be used to create complex queries.

  • Website indexed pages:
  • Website backlinks:
  • Keyword used as anchor text for linking to these website: allinanchor:keyword
  • Websites with keyword phrase in title: allintitle:“keyword”


Find IP of a Website + Find Other Websites on a Server

Useful for researching your competitors to see what kind of websites they own.

Create Custom Referral Links

For correct referrals from banners, emails or other non-trackable sources.

Evergreen Niche Markets


  • anxiety and panic attacks, diabetes, stress management, heart disease, anger management, stop smoking, yoga.

Look good:

  • weight loss, muscle building, hair loss, cellulite, wrinkles, acne, teeth whitening, skin care, surgery.


  • make money, save money, foreclosures, insurance, gambling.


  • children education, college guides, learn languages, time management.


  • dating, get your ex back, wedding speeches, honeymoon ideas, divorce.
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