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Basic Search

Let’s say you’re searching for articles on the topic of dating.

  • Start with the main broad keyword; example: dating.
  • If you see a lot of articles that do not interest you, input a negative keyword; example: -online (you’re not interested in articles talking about online dating).

The search input would look like this:

You can add as many negatives as you’d like.

  • You can go more specific after the first keyword; example: dating tips, dating how to.
  • Think of the synonyms to your main phrase (you can look them up on
  • Think of all the topics that would interest your readers and search for them; example: self esteem, build self confidence.

Advanced Search

You can also use more advanced techniques if you’re looking for very specific articles or broader terms.

  • ” “ – search for exact keyword phrase; example: lose weight fast (will return only articles containing this exact phrase)
  • AND – contains both phrases; example: dating AND relationship (will return only articles containing both dating and relationship).
  • OR – contains one or the other phrase; example: dating OR relationship (will return articles containing either dating or relationship).
  • * – variation of root; example: do* (will find dog, dot, document, etc.).



Advanced Search


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