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Getting started with WP Postly


Since WP does not have a system permission to trigger system cronjobs at scheduled times, the WP internal crons created by WP Postly are triggered by visitors and admins when they visit the site. 

We are developing a WP native automatic pinging solution to triger our WP Postly customers sites, which will be released by the next plugin release. Until then please register your site to one of the free cronjob and pinging servicer provider, such as this online tool. 

Set url to trigger to YOUR_SITE_URL/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php to every 5-10 minutes every day, every hour.


First you need to setup WP Postly by clicking Settings in the menu.

Add credentials to services:

  • Big Content Search: email and API key
  • Big Media Scraper: email and API key
  • Spin Rewriter: email and API key

Adding a New Campaign

Setting up a new campaign is very easy. Click Add New in the menu to begin.

Add Campaign Title

Add a descriptive title (for your reference).

Add Campaign Keywords

Add campaign keywords (this is what will be used to source articles from Big Content Search and media from Big Media Scraper).

Post Settings

Enrich articles checkbox will add media (YouTube, Flickr), bold keywords, add headings and add an italic sentence. This is done by Big Media Scraper. 

Select Spin Rewriter’s confidence level for spinning.

Choose posting frequency and new post status.

Choose Categories

Select the categories you’d like the posts to be added to (these are existing WordPress categories).


Click button Publish to start the campaign.

You can pause it from the Campaigns menu by clicking stop.

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