WP Review Plugin Starter Guide

Getting Started with WP Review

After you’ve activated your plugin with your PayPal email and license you’ve received in your email, open Settings in plugin menu.

Review Settings

You can enable plugin for posts and/or pages. Once you’ve done that, choose the width you’d like the review table to be. 

You can also change or add your own verdicts. These will be used by all Product Types and there can be as many as you like. Choosing them is as simple as using a Dropdown when reviewing.

Setting Product Type

You can have as many product types as you like and each can have its own settings and review elements.

Writing the Review

Now add a new post or edit an existing one. Below the main editing box, you’ll see the box for WP Review Plugin. From the dropdown select your Product Type and add stars, summary and verdict. Once you’re finished, just click Update or Publish post.

Use the ‘Override user rating’ to change the average visitor rating shown on the review table.

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