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Getting Started with WP Robot

Setup Autoblog

WP Robot

Download WP Robot on the official website. Install the plugin then go to Options tab and find Big Content Search.

Generate your API Key in your Big Content Search members area under preferences in top right corner. Please make sure you’re not entering any white spaces after Email or API Key (the only errors reported were because of this).

Now click Create Campaign, name it, add keywords and select categories.

For template, use {bigcontentsearchtitle} for title and {bigcontentsearch} for content. You can also combine articles with other modules (YouTube, Flickr etc.). Read more about it on the WP Robot website.

That’s it. You can bulk post and backdate the posts, as everything else in WP Robot.

Blog Post Spinner and G Alert Plugin

Download Blog Post Spinner or G Alert Plugin.

Install it and it creates a new menu tab. Go to Settings and fill the login credentials:

When you click submit, it should report “details updated”.

If it doesn’t and reports an error, make sure you’re entering your credentials without any blank spaces.

Then click Add New Post and add any keyword (or phrase) into title and repeat it in body. Check Yes for “Use Big Content Search?” below the editor and then click Publish. The content will be filled automatically.

Blog Hatter

Download the software (Windows only) on the official page.

Follow the video instructions to set it up.

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